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Agosto de 2009

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Biografy PISSARRO, Irene Born in Lisbon, in November 1957 Shenattended an Art`s Secundary School - António Arroio - in which she studied Fine Arts and Crafts (Painting; Ceramics; Glass and Enamel Techniques). She studied Painting at Lisbon`s Fine Arts University. She then moved to Caldas da Rainha, an important ceramics`centre, near Lisbon. there she studied Design and Technologies Applied to Ceramics. In 1978, she set up her own atelier. She started producing artistic ceramics, along with some paintings. She worked exclusively in this area for 12 yars. In 1984, she presented her work at first ARCO exhibition in Madrid. She worked regularly with several interior designers. She also supplied some well known decoration companies, such as Altamira and Dimensão. In 1998, she gets her woks exhibited at the Gallery of the Junta de Turismo da Ericeira (a small coast town aroud Lisbon). Over the last 20 years, Irene Pissarro has been both an arts`teacher and a fine arts producer. Irene Pissarro is Camile Pissarro famely.

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